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EARLY EDITION. I will be on vacation next week and wont be back til July 6th. Here are this weeks picks. For photo titles and the photographers names for each photo, hover your mouse over the images. For more information click on their photo to visit their Flickr page.

A couple of links and article i found interesting this week.

The NYC High Line Opens
The US Government May Bulldoze 50 Cities
Millenium Mills - Photography by Elle Dunn
The Kingston Lounge - Brooklyn and beyond

Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week.
As always, the following photos are in no particular order.

Casting Shed
Photo credit: slaterspeed

This Place
Photo credit: floating_luke

Photo credit: la.churri

Silver King Mine
Photo credit: summit42

murphy's law
Photo credit: maratoneta

In the belly of the beast
Photo credit: MadCollector

si arriverà in fondo?
Photo credit: maratoneta

Photo credit: alterallensteiner

Building in the making.....
Photo credit: vincent-tilman

Photo credit: *Sonica81*

Photo credit: gideon_thecat

Photo credit: mav_at

Photo credit: slaterspeed

Photo credit: pictures of detroit

The Man on the Wall
Photo credit: Batram

Innocenti Lambrate 2009-18
Photo credit: 233627

Innocenti Lambrate 2009-14
Photo credit: 233627

Fisher 21 Detroit
Photo credit: VinceCoughlan

Photo credit: Ursula Pfitzer

See you July 6th!
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