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Hope everyone has a safe and scary Halloween. This update comes to you early. Shocking i know. For those still adding to the photo pool I might update this spotlight tomorrow with last minute additions so keep adding!

Everyday is Halloween around here :)

Animated Gif credit: © inventor_77

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Links this week..

Ghost in the Hollows Video
Scary Okutama mine
London's Abandoned Tube Stations
26 Abandoned Gasoline Stations
Abandoned Bowling Alleys
A Missile Silo
Abandoned Britain
Damian Gillie Photography
Chernobyl. Fifth and Second blocks

Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week. As always, the following photos are in no particular order.

Siate Prudenti
Photo credit: © Stygian Echo

Oven 107
Photo credit: © Tripletreat

Photo credit: © ro_buk [I'm not there]

Photo credit: © Achille Bocca

Photo credit: © Victor Calvis

coke oven battery / Ofenbatterie
Photo credit: © kiekmal

Powerplant Ohm
Photo credit: © Christophe Regnaud

Kraftwerk Vockerode
Photo credit: © *Niceshoot*

Enjoy the silence
Photo credit: © G i a c o m o - M a c i s

Photo credit: © Scott Cadman

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ADAS Facility
Photo credit: © howzey

Wo Ist Der Bahnhof?
Photo credit: © Stygian Echo

Photo credit: © cgull123

Photo credit: © ZAVAI

Kraftwerk Vockerode
Photo credit: © *Niceshoot*

Photo credit: © *Niceshoot*

Photo credit: © +Ψ [ β Ë ₣ ₣ ч] Ψ +

Photo credit: © sigma.

Powerplant Ohm
Photo credit: © suspiciousminds

Photo credit: © Achille Bocca

Photo credit: © Cherryl.B

First Floor
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Nuclear Cell
Photo credit: © eholubow

Bordeaux Chic (ou pas)
Photo credit: © (Art) ILL

Photo credit: © vetbonkie

More Pipes
Photo credit: © Charles Bodi

Photo credit: © Achille Bocca

Old Rusted Mine Cars
Photo credit: © AbandonedMines.org

Corridor of Corrosion
Photo credit: © Tripletreat

Its a trap!
Photo credit: © Its Lare

Lumière sur le sol
Photo credit: © liliemarie

Photo credit: © Foantje.com (@ Italy)

Photo credit: © Achille Bocca

Pluckley Brickworks
Photo credit: © howzey

Deep down and dirty
Photo credit: © Tripletreat

Photo credit: © DerGuy82

Photo credit: © ZAVAI

Photo credit: © legrainnumerique

The age of steam
Photo credit: © alterallensteiner

Photo credit: © edsel12

Urlava la sua storia...
Photo credit: © RòAlf

Second Floor
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Photo credit: © marco_an78

Cement Plant
Photo credit: © aveteva1

Tolly Cobbold 2010
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Photo credit: © Branston22

Y >
Photo credit: © (il meo)

Logged off
Photo credit: © sj9966

meet you on the other side
Photo credit: © steverichard

Vitkovice, place of untold beauty
Photo credit: © Yurax 6

Photo credit: © sj9966

Gallerie Building, North Terrace
Photo credit: © dscreativ

Photo credit: © Sameli

Pluckley Brickworks
Photo credit: © howzey

Inside the Wheelhouse 2
Photo credit: © Rick Scheibner
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