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Welcome to the Industrial Decay Spotlights.
Happy Thanksgiving to those in Canada!

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Some Links.

Three views of the Port of New York Grain Terminal
Industrial Decay in the Middle East
Katherine Westerhout Photography
Abandoned Berlin
Untouched for 70 years
Utopia in Decay: The Monuments of Yugoslavia
Inside The Soviet's Secret Failed Moon Program

Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week. As always, the following photos are in no particular order.

Forgotten subwaytunnel
Photo credit: © Bas van Duijn

Photo credit: © Alt_Gr |

Photo credit: © Michele Greco (aka djmike_foh)

Groovy staircase
Photo credit: © Davideo1

Photo credit: © Thompski

Construction Constriction
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

Photo credit: © James and Karla Murray Photography

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IDN02 features 37 photographers from 12 countries including Belgium, Germany, US, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden and various stops in between. The book showcases some of the best photos submitted to our weekly Spotlights in 2008.

IDN02 is offered in two formats, To see a preview of the pages and find out how to get a copy, follow the links below.

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Photo credit: © Anali_T

/ industrial dusk /
Photo credit: © sinus iridium

Central termica abandonada de Aliaga
Photo credit: © ïsThaVision

Inside the cookie monster
Photo credit: ©

small room
Photo credit: © kiekmal

Photo credit: © 4737 carlin

Photo credit: © Halsemann

Carbide Dials
Photo credit: © Swizzler™

KIC (4 of 5)
Photo credit: © Rule.

Powerplant IM (BE)
Photo credit: © Mr. Monster - (the mechanical Monster)

UVLG02 - Solitaire
Photo credit: © xportebois

Mysterious industry
Photo credit: © Hamnskifte

Chemical Room
Photo credit: © blunotte69

machine workshop
Photo credit: © Fu7ur157 I Pekka Toikkanen

Zeche OP (De)
Photo credit: © telefunker

The muddy grave...
Photo credit: © Hamnskifte

Photo credit: © blunotte69

the black side
Photo credit: © kiekmal

The Eighties
Photo credit: © J4M35_UK

Photo credit: © Forodrim

ex eridania
Photo credit: © evergreenpics

Photo credit: ©

Airplane Graveyard #6
Photo credit: © P DAVIS

Abbey Mills Pumping Station A.
Photo credit: © LiamCH

Meanwhile In The Labyrinth
Photo credit: © <~~iVo~~>

Flour Grinders
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Photo credit: © H.L.I.T.

Clangor Of War
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

"La natura non si ferma" - Vol II
Photo credit: © nicopando71

Photo credit: © Christophe Regnaud

Photo credit: © Halsemann.

Industrie - auch heute noch!
Photo credit: © hchristian20

Hot Metal Receiver
Photo credit: © J4M35_UK

Photo credit: © James and Karla Murray Photography

Stairs No3
Photo credit: © B0lid0

Photo credit: © francois5959

Zeche L (De)
Photo credit: © telefunker

Photo credit: © riverrat18

Meanwhile Inside The Maze [explored]
Photo credit: © <~~iVo~~>

Birmingham Flour
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Atomic Weapons Testing - The Centrifuge...
Photo credit: © sophos9

Photo credit: © Atomhirsch

Nature takes factory!
Photo credit: ©

1008 / Junk 'Er
Photo credit: © nocturnae

Photo credit: © +Ψ [ β Ë ₣ ₣ ч] Ψ + Daniela Giacalone

Photo credit: © Thompski

Stand and Stare With Me
Photo credit: © necksercise

graffiti with distant water tower
Photo credit: © schemacoma
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