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Welcome to another dose of industrial ruins from around the world. Here are last weeks picks. For photo titles and the photographers names for each photo, hover your mouse over the images. For more information click on their photo to visit their Flickr page.

Some interesting websites and articles found last week.

A well done site by Viktor Macha
Bus Graveyard
Mothballed Russian Submarine
Stalin’s Lost Railway
Fordlandia: The Failure Of Ford's Jungle Utopia
Mashup video of Philadelphia coal-fired power station
Video of an Abandoned factory building, Prague

Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week.
As always, the following photos are in no particular order.

Photo credit: Christophe Regnaud

Photo credit: ravengraphy

Photo credit: Peter Johansen aka Bertram D

bad worms
Photo credit:

Zeche H
Photo credit: Martino - NL

Spaghetti Pipes
Photo credit: Shantideva

47: morto che parla = B&W version =
Photo credit: Urania451

Zeche H
Photo credit: Martino - NL

Union Carbide Corp 8
Photo credit: Ride My Pony

Photo credit: fasheezee

In the shadow...
Photo credit: Bousure

Photo credit: MaNOuCH !!!

Tanks for the memories
Photo credit: keiththrn

Photo credit: Mark H. Baker

Photo credit: Mr. Jingles

hallway 247
Photo credit: Static_P

Photo credit: pictures of detroit

Photo credit: keiththrn

Photo credit: 3PASSA

Photo credit: Bousure

[ perspective fau|t ]
Photo credit: shexbeer

Photo credit: Mark H. Baker

Zeichen der Zeit
Photo credit: Alt_Gr

Thread Manufacture
Photo credit: slaterspeed

Photo credit: Static_P

Photo credit: neiltron

essay of decay
Photo credit:

[ bathroom ]
Photo credit: shexbeer

Photo credit: 5y12u3k

Check in next Monday for another spotlight!
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