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Welcome to the Industrial Decay Spotlight.

I apologies for the recently late updates and the delay of the Smaller version of IDN03. Work schedule has been extra tough on me this past month. Having said that, heres the update!

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Some links..

Chernobyl: Environmental dead zone or eco-haven?
Abandoned Berlin
Yonkers Power Station, NY
African luxury hotel now massive squat
Enormous Street Art on Abandoned Buildings in Lisbon
Empty cinemas in Moscow and St. Petersburg


IDN03 Now Available!
The Industrial Decay Network is proud to announce their latest book!


IDN03 features 30 photographers from locations in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and many others. This book showcases some of the best photos submitted to our weekly Spotlights in 2009.

IDN03 is offered in two formats, To see a preview of the pages and find out how to get a copy, follow the links below.

IDN03 - Large Landscape Format (Premium Paper) (13x11 inch) - (Best Quality)
IDN03 - Large Landscape Format (Standard Paper) (13x11 inch)

!! Standard Landscape Version Update !!

IDN03 Standard Landscape Format (10x8in) will now be Available in February 2011. Sorry for the delay!


Here are this weeks spotlight favorites.

Photo credit: © sureShut

Photo credit: © mANVIL

Centrale Electrique Ohm
Photo credit: © telefunker

T Minus
Photo credit: © dscreativ

Photo credit: © zeitzahn

Photo credit: © nom2008

Photo credit: © daknoll

Photo credit: © mANVIL

Photo credit: © Darmë

Photo credit: © faxminile

Photo credit: © SICO/EB_Coro|

Photo credit: © john_coffee1

Photo credit: © telefunker

Photo credit: © ohfosho

My Holy Refuge
Photo credit: © Fotogravirus

[ rusty ]
Photo credit: © shexbeer

Abstellgleis #10
Photo credit: © liebeslakritze

Alien Kanone
Photo credit: © StörFaktor_urbex

store raw materials
Photo credit: © marco_an78

The last days of Fernhurst Mill
Photo credit: © The View From The North

Hello girl !
Photo credit: © NARIBIS

Photo credit: © howzey

Stahlwerk, AT
Photo credit: © - Book "Lost in Time" out now!!!

Photo credit: © StörFaktor_urbex

Photo credit: © mANVIL

gezeichnet / marked
Photo credit: © nom2008

Photo credit: © paraclafoto

Photo credit: © [StaticPulse] -

Photo credit: © justo.n.franco

When monsters ruled this land
Photo credit: © steverichard

Saint Gobain
Photo credit: © vinnieblue

 Bull Point Boatyard I, Baltimore, December 2010
Photo credit: © Sherkinphoto

La speranza del pessimista
Photo credit: © Sebastiano Lo Turco

Photo credit: © vetbonkie

Disused power plant
Photo credit: © kiekmal

Ventile // valves
Photo credit: © derChambre

Photo credit: © mANVIL

Urbex Party Room
Photo credit: © Exxciter

Photo credit: © mANVIL

Photo credit: © urbex-bassie

Factory 8 [Wood]
Photo credit: © sickplaces

End of line
Photo credit: © Tripletreat

lyon 2024 P2011001015
Photo credit: © Lyon2024

Pozzi Ginori
Photo credit: © vinnieblue

Photo credit: © Cherryl.B

back from outta space
Photo credit: © Mr. Monster - (the mechanical Monster)
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