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Welcome to another week of decay and abandonment. These updates come to you every week. I showcase a collection of some of the best photographs submitted to our Flickr Group, called simple, Industrial Decay. These photographs reveal locations the general public does not see. Abandoned, forgotten, hidden and sometimes long demolished Industrial facilities and wastelands. Every photographer enters knowing very well the dangers involved. These sites are dangerous.

This blog serves as a source of inspiration to photographers, urban explorers, game designers, architects and probably many other types of individuals. Here are other ways to connect with the IDN.

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Isolated and Abandoned Military Airbase: Johnston Atoll
East LA’s Abandoned Hospital
Abandoned and Forgotten places in Japan
Abandoned Chemical Plant near the Black Sea
Various Abandoned Places around the World
Abandoned Subway Tunnels
Abandoned Airdrome in Ukraine
Gagra, a resort city on the Black Sea coast. Ghost Town
Underground Kent, UK
Bryansk oblast beautiful sceneries

Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week. As always, the following photos are in no particular order.

Rolling Mill
Photo credit: © Stygian Echo

Photo credit: © TranKmasT

Photo credit: © Atomhirsch

Uthemann pipes [Katowice, Poland]
Photo credit: © jaroslaw.dabrowski

Powerplant IM Revisit
Photo credit: © Dr. Baab exploring France/Italy/Swiss/Germany :)

-Start - IDN News----

The Industrial Decay Network is proud to announce their latest book!

IDN02 features 37 photographers from 12 countries including Belgium, Germany, US, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden and various stops in between. The book showcases some of the best photos submitted to our weekly Spotlights in 2008.

IDN02 is offered in two formats, To see a preview of the pages and find out how to get a copy, follow the links below.

IDN02 - Standard Landscape Format (10x8)
IDN02 - Large Landscape Format (13x11)

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Photo credit: © Patrick.Duhazé

Photo credit: © phrenzee

Meanwhile Underground
Photo credit: © <~~iVo~~>

Tuol Sleng Doors
Photo credit: © whitney.gayer

Industrial 4
Photo credit: © il.tameo

Powerplant IM Revisit
Photo credit: © Dr. Baab exploring France/Italy/Swiss/Germany :)

The Machines Are Coming
Photo credit: © Gerald Massimei

The wood cathedral
Photo credit: © jrej

Hammill Brickworks
Photo credit: © howzey

Photo credit: © 4737 carlin

Anderlues 3
Photo credit: © NARIBIS... NOW BACK !

Photo credit: © Farlakes

Photo credit: © My Shadow 

Zeche L (De)
Photo credit: © telefunker

Photo credit: © MaNOuCH !!!

Photo credit: © 5y12u3k

Photo credit: © I-DAVE

inscriptions on the ceiling
Photo credit: © 5y12u3k

Photo credit: © inventor_77

Powerplant IM Revisit
Photo credit: © Dr. Baab exploring France/Italy/Swiss/Germany :)

It's The Way !
Photo credit: © NARIBIS... NOW BACK !

refection room
Photo credit: © (il meo)

Vanishing Point
Photo credit: © DetroitDerek Photography

Gravel pit - Kraków (Poland)
Photo credit: © ela.wdowiarska

Cell 4
Photo credit: © RomanyWG -


Zeche OP (De)
Photo credit: © telefunker

Siemens-Martin Furnace
Photo credit: © My Shadow 

Underground Sloss
Photo credit: © Blackthroated Blue

Abandoned yeast tank area
Photo credit: © Lens Adventurer

Photo credit: © alexelli.net

Photo credit: © Farlakes

Photo credit: © vetbonkie

Photo credit: © [StaticPulse] - www.TheOtherSide.be

The Crypt
Photo credit: © J4M35_UK

The Zone - "Clear Sky"
Photo credit: © G i a c o m o - M a c i s

Up and to the right
Photo credit: © Lens Adventurer

Photo credit: © ela.wdowiarska

im Möllerbunker unten - Teil 3
Photo credit: © kiekmal
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