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Here are last weeks picks. For photo titles and the photographers names for each image, hover your mouse over the images. For more information click on their photo to visit their Flickr page.

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Battleship Island & Other Ruined Urban High-Density Sites
Abandoned Russian Airbase
Moscow Missile Defense A-135
Romantic Aesthetic of Abandonment

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Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week. As always, the following photos are in no particular order.

Pièce de résistance
Photo credit: © Stygian Echo

Radiation Suit
Photo credit: © darkslide

From Now Till Never
Photo credit: © suspiciousminds

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shipyard crane operator cabin
Photo credit: © 5y12u3k

Chateaux d'eau du lavoir à charbon
Photo credit: © never ends

Photo credit: © Foantje.com

Photo credit: © mANVIL

Watch out
Photo credit: © Register208

Powerplant IM
Photo credit: © telefunker

Bleached Bones
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

Photo credit: © Pom²

Volle Kontrolle!
Photo credit: © DerGuy82

Brown and Boveri @ ECVB
Photo credit: © the mechanical Monster

Green Lady
Photo credit: © ~rob666~

Wheel of fortune
Photo credit: © DZ60

Death Awaits Project
Photo credit: © Foantje.com

Centrale Thermique "C13"
Photo credit: © NeQo PhosGraphis

Papeterie LetC
Photo credit: © telefunker

Runwell Boilers
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Photo credit: © zenox_underground

Photo credit: © MVDA™

Distant Whistling
Photo credit: © Scott Cadman

Zeche BR
Photo credit: © Dr. Baab

Photo credit: © E McLeod

Photo credit: © David Farreny

Photo credit: © H A V 0 C

Ruedas dentadas
Photo credit: © francescostorino

Green Room
Photo credit: © iseemooi

Photo credit: © the mechanical Monster

Bureau du contremaitre
Photo credit: © never ends

Photo credit: © irishmanlost

Photo credit: © DZ60

Germany - Heizkraftwerk
Photo credit: © Morgennebel

Photo credit: © Robert Brindley

schutt, asche
Photo credit: © mju.tabor

Photo credit: © Foantje.com

Sala di controllo I°piano
Photo credit: © NicK152
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