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The Industrial Decay Network is proud to announce our latest book!

IDN02 features 37 photographers from 12 countries including Belgium, Germany, US, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden and various stops in between. The book showcases some of the best photos submitted to our weekly Spotlights in 2008.

IDN02 is offered in two formats, To see a preview of the pages and find out how to get a copy, follow the links below.

IDN02 - Standard Landscape Format (10x8)
IDN02 - Large Landscape Format (13x11)

Here is this weeks spotlight. For photo titles and the photographers names for each image, hover your mouse over the images. For more information click on their photo to visit their Flickr page.

Some links..

PhotoXplorers - The DK Photo Group
Forbidden Places: Abandoned Heritage
Civic Works
Baikonur Cosmodrome, Russia
Converted Nuclear Missile Silo

Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week. As always, the following photos are in no particular order.

Photo credit: © Romanywg

Vanishing in white
Photo credit: © -Maniac-

Teeth of the Beast
Photo credit: © ivorbean

Photo credit: © telefunker

Classic Cell 3
Photo credit: © Blunders500

Rocket Science
Photo credit: © jaf

Stanton Ironworks demolition
Photo credit: © Tripletreat

Eagle River Power Station 44
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

you could fit an aircraft carrier in here
Photo credit: © statlerhotel

Clapham North
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Wrong number?
Photo credit: © ivorbean

Photo credit: © Pom²

Photo credit: © MaNOuCH

Ventilation Chamber
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Labyrinth II
Photo credit: © jaf

Photo credit: © pictures of detroit

born to make
Photo credit: © Exxciter

Photo credit: © Tofubratwurst

Le sceau
Photo credit: © Static_P

The Underworld
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Cell 4 aerial view
Photo credit: © ivorbean

Photo credit: © Dario Φ ipofisi

look up!
Photo credit: © dove?????

Duct Symmetry
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

day two
Photo credit: © statlerhotel

Photo credit: © Anésia Gouveia

Eagle River Power Station 41
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

Out of commission
Photo credit: © Kronix33
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