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Here are last weeks picks. For photo titles and the photographers names for each photo, hover your mouse over the images. For more information click on their photo to visit their Flickr page.

A couple links to check out.

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Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week.
As always, the following photos are in no particular order.

Photo credit: © Son of Lumiere

Reflecting colours
Photo credit: © inventor_77

terres rouges
Photo credit: © g. s. george

Writhing Steel
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

Photo credit: © pictures of detroit

[ y.e.l.l.o.w. ]
Photo credit: © shexbeer

Lavoir et Carbonisage
Photo credit: © telefunker

Powerplant II
Photo credit: © Static_P

Photo credit: © picture.element_3&20

Wangi Power Station
Photo credit: © Nammo

Buffalo Central Terminal 19
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

Cry me a river
Photo credit: © phill.d

railway depot - cart service
Photo credit: © marco_an78

Mill Frontage
Photo credit: © slaterspeed

Photo credit: © 5y12u3k

Photo credit: © 4737 carlin

Photo credit: © picture.element_3&20

Photo credit: ©

Between the legs of the giant
Photo credit: © Bousure

Photo credit: ©

ex nihilo
Photo credit: © fasheezee
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