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Welcome to the Industrial Decay Weekly Spotlight.
Here are this weeks picks from our Flickr Pool. For photo titles and the photographers names for each photo, hover your mouse over the images. For more information click on their photo to visit their Flickr page.

IDN01 - The Industrial Decay Network - Vol.1

Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week!
As always, these are in no particular order.

VEB Stahlwerk Hennigsdorf (by jrej)

Paint Bomb (by Christophe Vanfleteren)

Live drapery (by inventor_77)

Corpse Grinder (by • Deeva •)

Big building (by Adam De La Fuente)

ZNTK .21  [ service canal ] (by shexbeer)

On stage - {PA129451_46_47_48_49_50} (by X-it)

Subterranean (by • Deeva •)

floor of management (by marco_an78)

Enginehouse (by tarboat)

Catala (by telefunker)

Where No Life Dwells (by earthmagnified)

VEB Stahlwerk Hennigsdorf (by jrej)

Stair (by johnkershner)

Untitled (by urbanarchaeology)

10/10 (by rustyjaw)

ECVB (by telefunker)

Bridge (by johnkershner)

Computer Science Lab (by ~EvidencE~)

Things We Lost In The Fire (by earthmagnified)

stock raw materials (by marco_an78)

Chester Shot (by slaterspeed)

VEB Stahlwerk Hennigsdorf (by jrej)

Hell's Basement (by earthmagnified)

Abandoner (by ~EvidencE~)

A pair of cranes (by simonGman)

Piper at the Gates of Dawn (by Ride My Pony)

Untitled 2 (by BonesArt)

The bAd room (by Paulo "Santa<br />Cruz" Dias)

Mill Lock

Untitled (by tritom)

Come in, we're broken

resonant (by brettf1)

Working Class Hero (by Ride My Pony)

I Dyed (by • Deeva •)

badroom 2.. (by Static_P)

lavorare in fabbrica è un pò come essere un protagonista di guerre stellari? (by ro_buk  [I'm not there])

Evensong - {PA129850_45_46_47_48_49} (by X-it)

Blackwater (by Christophe Vanfleteren)

To late for the whisky and biscuits (by simonGman)
Posted by Chris Smart


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