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Welcome to another week of the Industrial Decay Spotlight. In the next week or so the Industrial Decay Network will be releasing their first book! This book features some of the best photos from the 2006 & 2007 Industrial Decay Spotlights. It features 25 photographers from 11 different countries. The project started over a year ago and It is finally complete! More details will follow and you can see a glimpse of the front cover here. Its titled IDN01. The Industrial Decay - Volumn 1. Check back next week for more information!

The following photos are in no particular order.



This is what you'll get


Sun and Dust

Deserted controls

Grain silo 9

#2 machine shop

Steam Engine


Les Mines d'Or (Fr)


Ideltubi (It)

Berline - essieu et crochet


architectural wedding
Posted by Chris Smart


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