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Happy New Year everyone. Sorry for the late update. This post marks the 1 year anniversary of the Industrial Decay spotlights. Check out the first spotlight here

I'm looking forward to the new year and exploring more Industrial abandonments. I'm sure you all feel the same. I've been thinking about this for awhile now and I want to try something new in 2008, a new project that would involve all of those chosen for the spotlights. A printed publication. Stay tuned.

Here is the final 2007 Spotlight. Some great pieces to end off a great year. Thanks to all those who help build this group by posting to the pool. We end off the year with 2851 members and over 21,600 images in the pool. Amazing.

Here are the winners.


the steel cathedral


The Pump - Firepool

HF A and B



A skeletal...


Hospital (Eastern State Penitentiary)

Large Room

Les serres #4

Hospital for the epileptic and feeble minded

Tarrassa Industrial, S.A. 2



Viejo Taller Textil

...and that's the last thing I remember. Until now.

VEB Isokond (De)


a place

The Warehouse - Level 2



steam's out


Vis à vis

Muscoda 5 Iron Ore Mine Boiler Stack

Enka Factory

Abandoned car bridge

Check in next Monday for a new Spotlight.
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