Monday, November 19, 2007 at 8:32 AM |
Another Monday, another Spotlight. Some great shots this week. Thanks to all those who contributed to the pool. Here are my top 3 for this week. Of course, the top 3 all comes down to personal preference. All the images that make it into the spotlight are my favorites, Its not always easy to pick a top 3 but I try to choose images that are true to the genre. The Photo has to have great composition, atmosphere and texture. You might not agree with my top 3 and I don't expect everyone too. It's just a way for me to shed light on some of the talented photographers in our group.


SmilingMonk - 1st Place -
Steamlocomotives - SPS700, SP4449

_Drugo - 2nd Place -

telefunker - 3rd Place -

In no particular order.



Memory of a forbidden Playground


power house


a good place for a party

shadows and light

* The Golden Age Of Grotesque*

The Water Comes In

sugar cane railways

Wrecks on the River Wrye 5

Red Door


The fished hell

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