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Welcome to another week of decay and abandonment. These updates come to you every week. I showcase a collection of some of the best photographs submitted to our Flickr Group, called simple, Industrial Decay. These photographs reveal locations the general public does not see. Abandoned, forgotten, hidden and sometimes long demolished Industrial facilities and wastelands. Every photographer enters knowing very well the dangers involved. These sites are dangerous.

This blog serves as a source of inspiration to photographers, urban explorers, game designers, architects and probably many other types of individuals. Here are other ways to connect with the IDN.

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Links of interest..

Alvaro Sanchez-Montanes Photography Incredible Photographer
Iron Miners . com More about explorering than photography
Brooklyn Historic Railway Association Interesting website. For history buffs
Abandoned American Theme Parks Creepy cool
Matt McDonough Photography Fantastic Photos of Asylums
Abandoned Chemical Plant near the Black Sea Something from the Ukraine

Thanks to all those photographers who contributed this week. As always, the following photos are in no particular order.

The Machine
Photo credit: © never ends

Abandoned herring factory, Iceland
Photo credit: © Aimed.be

Photo credit: © ela.wdowiarska

Control room
Photo credit: © jrej

-Start - IDN News----

The Industrial Decay Network is proud to announce their latest book!

IDN02 features 37 photographers from 12 countries including Belgium, Germany, US, Canada, United Kingdom, Poland, Sweden and various stops in between. The book showcases some of the best photos submitted to our weekly Spotlights in 2008.

IDN02 is offered in two formats, To see a preview of the pages and find out how to get a copy, follow the links below.

IDN02 - Standard Landscape Format (10x8)
IDN02 - Large Landscape Format (13x11)

-End - IDN News----

Photo credit: © NARIBIS

Photo credit: © inventor_77

239/365: Summer Urbex
Photo credit: © The Cleveland Kid

[ chair ]
Photo credit: © shexbeer

Cooling no more
Photo credit: © jrej

Photo credit: © x3nomik

Landschaftspark 5
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

Photo credit: © The Boilerroom

Industrial slide
Photo credit: © Hamnskifte

Atlas Steel - 9

Marble and chromes
Photo credit: © jrej

The monster with the empty womb #3
Photo credit: © ilcorvaccio

Photo credit: © Swizzler™

Photo credit: © Forodrim

Photo credit: © nerradk

Photo credit: © howzey

Chemiewerk 1
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

Creo que es un motor de extracción en mina de plata abandonada
Photo credit: © Adolfo Torres

Chemiewerk 6
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

Photo credit: © urbandecay.

Photo credit: © jrej

Coal Bunker
Photo credit: © jrej

Generator Room Basement
Photo credit: © Stygian Echo

[ CWM Coke Works ]
Photo credit: © shexbeer

Photo credit: © MaNOuCH

Photo credit: © -TANGO-

Powerplant IM (BE) - Mecha Medusa
Photo credit: © Mr. Monster

Photo credit: © ecesaro

The Controller Has Fifty Runners
Photo credit: © Blunders500

Prison sanctuary
Photo credit: © inventor_77

Clearwell Caves, Gloucestershire.
Photo credit: © LiamCH

Jaworzno, Pieczyska - Cementownia
Photo credit: © jaroslaw.dabrowski

Photo credit: © nerradk

epic room
Photo credit: © nerradk

Once upon a time
Photo credit: © orlando72

[ stairs ]
Photo credit: © shexbeer

Photo credit: © David Farreny

Industrial Decay3
Photo credit: © james_mayo84

Photo credit: © mANVIL

Eureka Foundry
Photo credit: © Swizzler™

sutton manor colliery demolition
Photo credit: © frazerweb

Photo credit: © MaNOuCH !!!

Rosedale Kilns
Photo credit: © 'Snowden'

don't be afraid to
Photo credit: © carpaz

Photo credit: © Taakeferd

Photo credit: © howzey

[ room with view on shipyard ]
Photo credit: © shexbeer

Abandoned herring factory, Iceland
Photo credit: © Aimed.be

smeltery exterior view - part 1
Photo credit: © kiekmal

Chemiewerk 2
Photo credit: © earthmagnified

Photo credit: © mANVIL

Atlas Steel - 6
Photo credit: © ★ Christian & Cie ★

Photo credit: © Thompski

Powerplant P. (NL) - Twisted Controlroom Panorama
Photo credit: © Mr. Monster

Photo credit: © MaNOuCH !!!

Photo credit: © [Mélanie]

Photo credit: © urbandecay

The abandoned brewery
Photo credit: © Bas van Duijn Back from Denmark!

Kopalnia Sosnowiec
Photo credit: © ela.wdowiarska


Photo credit: © never ends

See you next week!
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